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Mac Valley Stunts / Spectacular/Globe of Death


Photos from: Hall of fame/Globe of Death

1986/Riviera Hotel/Las vegas
The Globe act still part of Splash since 1986

Riviera Hotel/Splash/Las Vegas Hosted the first Mac Valley's Splitting Globe act.

Doug and Humberto
From: hall of Fame/1985/Splash/Riviera hotel

Humberto Fonseca Pinto has constructed most of the Globe equipment for the troupe and he is  consider one of the best Globe rider ever!

Globe at outoddors events
The act will attract crowds

Here I'll describe another picture from my vacation.

Promotion tools to attract audiences
Las vegas

Here I'll describe another picture from my vacation.

We are residents in Las Vegas/USA since 1975
when in Las Vegas you may visit: SPLASH/Riviera Hotel to see one of our act Alive ! since 1985.

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