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Mac Valley Stunts / Spectacular/Globe of Death

My Resume

My Name: Douglas Sepulveda Do Vale
 AKA : Douglas Mac Valley

My Address

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Objective: give the best on anything that have to be done.

When child I saw my father and family performing there skills in Circus Art Culture, the travelling every week in diferent cities, is a life experience it self. after education I choose my family honest life to entertainning audieces of all ages.
Even risk life in dangerous stunts like the Globe of Death/Spectacular

Experience: Over 35 years of performing incredible stunts, Producer/Director/promotor in Circus. Show productions and Events around the world, with great successes  and  failures as well, I learned not do the same mistaken twice.
or advise others as consultant for positive deeds.

Been hired as independent contractor make one not an emploee but an associate to do the Job well for personal gain to keep progressing in business.

Past jobs: Ringling Bros.Barnum & Bailey Circus "THE GREATES SHOW ON EARTH" USA./1979/80
Shrine Circus/USA/ since 1976
Motorsport Events/worldwide, State Fairs, Amusement Parks include: DISNEYLAND, Show Productions in Hotel/Casinos: Playboy Hotel/Atlantic City/1981/82, Harras's Hotel/Reno, Reno Hilton, RiversideHotel/Nevada, Aladdin Hotel/Las Vegas, Riviera Hotel/Las vegas "SPLASH", Gettings/Malasia.
Produced and Directed: Circus of Thrills, Coloseum of Thrills, Thriller, The Extraordinary, Thrill-A-Rama, Globe-O-rama and others shows in many countries around the world, include: Australia, New Zealand, Brazil,Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Central america, Caribean Island.

Today I am more involved in assist and encourage churches and ministries around the world to help the nedd in diferent countries  and preaching the world of God the salvation in Jesus, is a gift that I like to share, The Lord said that the harvest is big but the labours are few, He even called an entertainner like me to this work and I am please with the call, God has been good to me even in my deep troubles in business and personal life. Bible: john 3:16.
All the Honor and Glory belongs to God (the God of Abraham, Isaac and jacob) please visit:

We are residents in Las Vegas/USA since 1975
when in Las Vegas you may visit: SPLASH/Riviera Hotel to see one of our act Alive ! since 1985.

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